Render Unto Caesar

An incident involving a young Muslim found naked on a Cornish road in broad daylight draws Jack Mawgan  into the sinister world of ‘Extraordinary Rendition’.

This campaign, run by the US security services, involved their operatives in torture in their search for information about Al Qaeda’s activities.

Jack’s involvement sets off a chain of events that leads him to the depths of the African interior in pursuit of a self-proclaimed jihadist fomenting rebellion and heavily involved in the drugs trade.

ISBN: 978-1-4834-1647-2 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-4834-1646-5 (e-format)

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“I found this book excellent I got straight into it from the start picking up the characters that were introduced in Geoff’s first novel “For the Price of a Hat”. It’s a fast-moving book where action seems to be happening all the way through. I would thoroughly recommend it. Geoff’s first novel was good this one is even better I will look forward to the third part of the trilogy.”

“This, the second book in the Jack Mawgan series, is tightly written thriller that is difficult to put down as Mawgan and friends get drawn deeper and deeper into a tale of international intrigue and corruption involving spy agencies and the drug trade. As the author says, “The story is built around real places, real people and real events …”, so although the story is fiction, it is clear that Newman is drawing on considerable expertise or research as the book contains a great deal of detail about places, culture and events: a bit too much detail about some of the sleaze, for my taste. The title comes from Matthew 22:21, and is an apt title, as the reader will find out.”

“The latest book I’ve read of Geoff’s was Render Unto Caesar, I found the book to be a great read, it was exciting and engrossing throughout.

Geoff used his considerable knowledge of Air Support and the use of helicopters both in Civilian and Emergancy Services perspectives. As a former Senior Police Officer who was involved in Police Air Support during part of my 30 years service, the use Geoff puts to his considerable experience in that field is expressed fully in his writings.

Geoff brought all the characters in the book to life by pushing their abilities to the full, bringing it all together in a well written exciting book.

I’m looking forward to read Geoff’s other novels.”

“Yet another enjoyable yarn detailing the escapades of Jack Mawgan. This time Jack finds himself in Africa and in need of both his detective and medical skills. The story seems to revolve around the authors experiences within aviation, emergency medicine and police investigation to such an extent that it again leaves the line between fact and fiction somewhat blurred? Very enjoyable and can’t wait to read what awaits Jack in ‘The Mark’.”

The Air Ambulance Operating Manual

The famous range of specialist books by the Haynes Manuals publishing house has just received a new manual to add to their already extensive range – The Air Ambulance Operating Manual. Written by Claire Robinson and centred on the Dorset Air Ambulance Unit the book provides the general public with a fascinating insight into how the air ambulance service in the UK came about and how it has developed. The book has a four-page feature on the genesis of the concept in the UK and introduces the man behind the original idea – Geoff Newman. Geoff in now retired and has his own collection of crime-thriller books written about the adventures of Cornish Detective, Jack Mawgan. Geoff has worked with the aviation departments of a number of Police Forces in UK as well as running both the original Cornish unit and the London Air ambulance a decade or so later and these experiences have produced a great deal of material for a novelist such as Geoff. The Haynes Manual and his own books are available via Amazon.