The One Romanian

Another tightly written thriller to supplement the highly successful Jack Mawgan Trilogy. This time Jack takes on a dark and callous foe whose evil methods include medieval torture delivered under a cloak of religious fanaticism.

A knock on the door of his London apartment – a beautiful woman needs his help. Jack sets out on another crime-fighting adventure that nearly costs him his life.

Once again, he is unable to resist the challenge to his detective skills. He is faced with the apparently motiveless murder of four Romanian men who are found floating in the Thames.

What could possibly link the murders in London to Rome, Bucharest and the Falklands? The answer involves shocking revelations of a British plan to deploy nuclear weapons during the Falklands War and uncovers corruption in the Catholic Church on a global scale.

Jack has his work cut out.

ISBN: 978-1-4834-5422-1 (Print)

ISBN: 978-1-4834-5423-8 (e-format)

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“Another excellent novel by Geoff Newman. Bringing back his character Jack Mawgan at his best. It kept me on the edge of my seat I found I just didn’t want to stop reading it. There were lots of twists and turns as always. Geoff obviously draws on his personal experiences coupled with a great deal of research. It is a great work of fiction but could there be some truth lurking in there somewhere, who knows? A good read I can fully recommend it. Let’s hope Jack Mawgan returns soon!”

The Air Ambulance Operating Manual

The famous range of specialist books by the Haynes Manuals publishing house has just received a new manual to add to their already extensive range – The Air Ambulance Operating Manual. Written by Claire Robinson and centred on the Dorset Air Ambulance Unit the book provides the general public with a fascinating insight into how the air ambulance service in the UK came about and how it has developed. The book has a four-page feature on the genesis of the concept in the UK and introduces the man behind the original idea – Geoff Newman. Geoff in now retired and has his own collection of crime-thriller books written about the adventures of Cornish Detective, Jack Mawgan. Geoff has worked with the aviation departments of a number of Police Forces in UK as well as running both the original Cornish unit and the London Air ambulance a decade or so later and these experiences have produced a great deal of material for a novelist such as Geoff. The Haynes Manual and his own books are available via Amazon.