For the Price of a Hat

Jack Mawgan, a successful homicide detective, abandons his police career but finds in his new life that his instincts for solving violent crime prove impossible to leave behind.

Render Unto Caesar

An incident involving a young Muslim found naked on a Cornish road in broad daylight draws Jack Mawgan  into the sinister world of ‘Extraordinary Rendition’.

The Mark

Jack Mawgan becomes a pawn in a high-risk game played by corrupt government officials. When he begins to dig into the suspicious death of a retired senior civil servant he realises that he is up against some serious and well-connected opponents.

The One Romanian

Another tightly written thriller to supplement the highly successful Jack Mawgan Trilogy. This time Jack takes on a dark and callous foe whose evil methods include medieval torture delivered under a cloak of religious fanaticism.

The Genesis of the Cornwall Air Ambulance

This book tells the tale of how a small group of like-minded individuals were persuaded by the author to agree create something that no other part of the National Health Service had ever achieved before – to introduce a novel new type of ‘flying’ ambulance.


A selection of articles written for Heliops


Welcome to my website, I hope you will enjoy finding out about my books and the story behind them. If you want to buy one, paperback or e-Book format, then click on the link at the bottom of the page.

About The Author Geoff Newman

Geoff Newman is an ex-military helicopter pilot who for fifty years has worked as pilot, instructor and consultant in diverse and fascinating places. From Greenland to The Falkland Islands, the Russian Taiga to the African Bush, Brazil to the North Sea oil fields. His experiences include piloting Air Ambulances, Police and Search and Rescue helicopters.

The author knows something about saving lives and fighting crime from his work at the ‘coal face’. The facts are often more unbelievable than fiction. These life experiences give an authenticity to exciting storylines.

Books & Publications

The four novels published so far chart the progress of Jack Mawgan, once the top homicide detective in the South West.

We pick up his life-story at a point where his career takes a dramatic change of direction and follow it through a decade of trials and tribulations. The Jack Mawgan Trilogy covers his life during the period 2000 to 2006 and the extra book – The One Romanian – takes place in the year 2010 when Jack is beginning and new life as a politician.

In each book Jack manages to become embroiled in an adventure that involves murder and mayhem. Inevitably he falls back on those detective skills he spent years developing in and around the towns and villages of Devon or Cornwall and becomes involved in the struggle for justice and the fight against crime and corruption.

The non-fiction book, “The Genesis of The Cornwall Air Ambulance Service”, tells about my experiences in 1986 and 87. During that period I conceived, designed, and with the help of a small group of supporters, set up and operated the UK’s first air ambulance unit. The book is being sold as a fund raiser for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. Each copy sold delivers one pound to the charity.

Articles written for the online magazine HeliOps are available for download. Other articles will be made available as and when they are available for publication.

The Air Ambulance Operating Manual

The famous range of specialist books by the Haynes Manuals publishing house has just received a new manual to add to their already extensive range – The Air Ambulance Operating Manual. Written by Claire Robinson and centred on the Dorset Air Ambulance Unit the book provides the general public with a fascinating insight into how the air ambulance service in the UK came about and how it has developed. The book has a four-page feature on the genesis of the concept in the UK and introduces the man behind the original idea – Geoff Newman. Geoff in now retired and has his own collection of crime-thriller books written about the adventures of Cornish Detective, Jack Mawgan. Geoff has worked with the aviation departments of a number of Police Forces in UK as well as running both the original Cornish unit and the London Air ambulance a decade or so later and these experiences have produced a great deal of material for a novelist such as Geoff. The Haynes Manual and his own books are available via Amazon.