Q. – The detail in the book give the impression of authenticity. Did you research these subjects or did you write from personal experience?

A. – I am one of those who hate to read about subjects with which I am familiar only to be disappointed by the inaccuracies that result from ignorance or poor research. This book is very much the product of my life experiences but where I venture into those areas where I consider my knowledge to be insufficient then I find a good source and let myself be guided by those I consider expert.

Q. – Where did you get all the information about the world of money laundering?

A. – Nicholas Shaxton has written extensively on this subject in his book ‘Treasure Islands – The Men Who Stole The World’, I commend it to those who wish to know more about the subject of money laundering. I found a lot of useful information here but also found articles in the newspapers and magazines with interesting tit-bits that contributed to my understanding of the murky world of criminal finical activities.

Q. – You are obviously a pilot and not a paramedic so where did the detailed knowledge about the various procedures we read about come from.

A. – In the early days of the Air Ambulance here in Cornwall the pilot was very much the ‘gofer’ in the three-man team, fetching and carrying, supporting limbs and cradling heads and mopping brows. You cannot help but absorb the jargon and learn a lot about the procedures. I have to say that by the end my time at the Air Ambulance I knew enough to sound as if I knew what I was talking about – dangerous! All my scenarios were checked by my old friend and colleague Bob who, funnily enough, was a policeman before he became a paramedic.

Q. I have heard that you even researched the tide times and the moon phases?

A. True, there is no point in saying that you have built a story around ‘real people, places and events’ if you don’t mean it.