I have been asked to explain my connection with the Strathclyde Police Air Support Unit in Glasgow. In January 1990 The unit suffered a fatal accident in which Sgt Herd was killed (one might say ‘for want of a helmet’). I was asked to go to Glasgow and take over running the unit as Chief Pilot and Training Captain. I spent the best part of 6 months commuting from Cornwall and enjoyed the company of some fine people in a much underestimated city.

This book is in part inspired by my experiences in Glasgow and the dedication in the front is particularly poignant given the events of the last week. My association with the Glasgow operation was to continue on and off for several years after that. The men and women I met during what for them was a very difficult period have a special place in my heart.

What must be remembered is that Scotland has just one Police helicopter and when the dust has settled a new one will be acquired and the remaining members of the unit will have the difficult task of re-starting flight operations. My thoughts and best wishes are with them.