The Mark

Jack Mawgan becomes a pawn in a high-risk game played by corrupt government officials.

When he begins to dig into the suspicious death of a retired senior civil servant he realises that he is up against some serious and well-connected opponents.

This exciting adventure takes him to all corners of the Mediterranean where he survives an attempt on his life and a shipwreck, then discovers he has become the owner of a devastatingly dangerous computer database that is the key to identifying the location of the illegal wealth belonging to many of the world’s leaders.

ISBN: 978-1-4834-2225-1 (e-format)

ISBN: 978-1-4834-2224-4 (print)

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“I really enjoyed this it’s the best of the trilogy. It was very easy to get acquainted with Jack Mawgan again and as always there are lots of exciting twists and turns to his tale. The corruption in his government showed “the powers that be” at their worst, how realistic is some of that in reality I wonder?? An excellent book I hope Geoff brings Jack back for another novel very soon.”

“Brilliantly written. Very good story-line. Highly recommended. A must to read.”

“It is clear that Geoff Newman has considerable expertise in the management of the UK police helicopter and air ambulance field fleets and uses that with his dislike of a developing UK kleptocracy to write a complex yet thoroughly engrossing and wide-ranging plot. The Mark is difficult to put down as you are always left wanting to know what is going to happen next in events that take the reader into some complex and diverse scenarios. You will enjoy this.”

“A tightly written thriller that, once again, takes our hero, Jack Mawgan, though several countries and many threats on his life, as he is swept along by events, beyond his control as part of a wide-ranging plot of corruption in the highest places.”

The Air Ambulance Operating Manual

The famous range of specialist books by the Haynes Manuals publishing house has just received a new manual to add to their already extensive range – The Air Ambulance Operating Manual. Written by Claire Robinson and centred on the Dorset Air Ambulance Unit the book provides the general public with a fascinating insight into how the air ambulance service in the UK came about and how it has developed. The book has a four-page feature on the genesis of the concept in the UK and introduces the man behind the original idea – Geoff Newman. Geoff in now retired and has his own collection of crime-thriller books written about the adventures of Cornish Detective, Jack Mawgan. Geoff has worked with the aviation departments of a number of Police Forces in UK as well as running both the original Cornish unit and the London Air ambulance a decade or so later and these experiences have produced a great deal of material for a novelist such as Geoff. The Haynes Manual and his own books are available via Amazon.