[h1 fancy=”true”]For The Price of a Hat[/h1]

In For The Price of a Hat, Jack Mawgan, a successful homicide detective, abandons his police career to become a paramedic but his instincts for solving violent crime prove impossible to leave behind.

In his first case in this new role a millionaire businessman from Glasgow is assassinated at his home in Cornwall. The killer’s trail leads to an aristocratic crook and his henchman who both have much blood on their hands.

Jack attends the murder scene in his new role as ambulance technician but it leads to a life threatening situation for him, his family and his friends that is only resolved after more murder and mayhem.

(This story is built around real places, real people and real events, but the plot and characters in the book are entirely fictional.)


ISBN 13 (TP): 9781483402680 ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781483402673

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For the Price of a Hat
[h1 fancy=”true”]Render Unto Caesar[/h1] Jack Mawgan is about to fulfil his ambition to become a qualified paramedic when an incident involving a young Muslim found naked on a Cornish road in broad daylight draws him into the sinister world of ‘Extraordinary Rendition’. This campaign was run by the US security services and involved their operatives in torture in their search for information about Al Qaeda’s activities. Jack’s involvement sets off a chain of events that leads him to the depths of the African interior in pursuit of a self-proclaimed jihadist fomenting rebellion and heavily involved in the drugs trade.
Unto Caesar
[h1 fancy=”true”]The Mark[/h1] Jack Mawgan, once an ace detective now a senior paramedic in the South West Ambulance Service becomes a pawn in a high-risk game played by corrupt government officials. When Jack begins to dig into the suspicious death of a retired senior civil servant he realises that he is up against some serious and well-connected opponents. An exciting adventure takes Jack to all corners of the Mediterranean where he survives an attempt on his life and a shipwreck then discovers he has become the owner of a devastatingly dangerous computer database that is the key to identifying the location of the illegal wealth belonging to many of the world’s leaders, including his own.
For the Price of a Hat