For the Price of a Hat

Jack Mawgan, a successful homicide detective, abandons his police career but finds in his new life that his instincts for solving violent crime prove impossible to leave behind.

In his first case in this new role a millionaire businessman is assassinated at his home in Cornwall. The killer’s trail leads to an aristocratic villain and his henchman who both have much blood on their hands.

Jack attends the murder scene in his new role but he has unwittingly stirred up a hornet’s nest it leads to a life-threatening situation for him, his family and his friends that is only resolved after more murder and mayhem.

ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4834-0268-0

ISBN 13 (eBook): 978-1-4834-0267-3

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“An excellent first novel. It held my interest from start to finish. A well woven tale with lots of detail about the subject and the location. Looking forward to his second book, nice to have a new author to follow.”

“If you are planning a holiday in Cornwall then this is the book to take with you and you might even feel compelled to visit some of the places featured. You will realise that the author knows them very well. I had a small problem keeping up with some of the characters as my memory failed me when I had to put the book down for a few days. If I had not read this as an e-book I would have discovered, before the end, that there was a list and short biography of all the characters at the back of the book. I wish I had known!”

“I don’t read many novels but will be buying the next in the series very soon. As an aside, I do enjoy reading a book with almost no typos. What a refreshing change.”

“Ripping Yarn …. especially if you know Cornwall”

“I absolutely loved this book. Couldn’t put it down. Great plot and great characters. Highly recommended.

This would make a great film!”

“A griping novel with a slowly developing plot that rises to a crescendo making the book very difficult to put down at times. Jack Mawgan is a retired police detective who joins the ambulance service in Cornwall but inevitably is drawn into a strange case that involves corruption at the highest level and threatens the lives of his family and friends”

“If this is Geoff Newman’s first novel (I’m not sure) then it is a very accomplished work that appears to be thoroughly researched. He includes a vast amount of detail about many varied aspects of the plot that for me were fascinating and very believable”

“A thrilling story set in the West Country which proved difficult to put down. The plot is very believable and the characters are strong and credible. The author has obviously drawn from his extensive experiences working within the emergency services and has clearly researched the subject matter. The sign of good fiction is the ability to convince the reader that the content is fact and I for one am convinced Jack Mawgan is out there uncovering crime. Thoroughly recommend ‘For the price of a hat’ and cannot wait to start reading ‘Render unto Caesar’.”

“I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next one by this author. The main character has been cleverly established and I hope will feature in many more stories. The plot was well-woven and it’s obvious that the author was bringing in much technical knowledge from his past career as well as in depth research on other aspects of the storyline, which made me read more carefully than I do normally as I tend to be a ‘skim reader.’ Well done Geoff Newman- more please!”

The Air Ambulance Operating Manual

The famous range of specialist books by the Haynes Manuals publishing house has just received a new manual to add to their already extensive range – The Air Ambulance Operating Manual. Written by Claire Robinson and centred on the Dorset Air Ambulance Unit the book provides the general public with a fascinating insight into how the air ambulance service in the UK came about and how it has developed. The book has a four-page feature on the genesis of the concept in the UK and introduces the man behind the original idea – Geoff Newman. Geoff in now retired and has his own collection of crime-thriller books written about the adventures of Cornish Detective, Jack Mawgan. Geoff has worked with the aviation departments of a number of Police Forces in UK as well as running both the original Cornish unit and the London Air ambulance a decade or so later and these experiences have produced a great deal of material for a novelist such as Geoff. The Haynes Manual and his own books are available via Amazon.