Heliops Column 1

Heliops Column 1

Geoff Newman – Flight Simulation Correspondent I have just rounded off my 49th year in aviation the big ‘5’ ‘0’ come in November. For two years, back in the ‘80s I taught and examined in the S61 simulators in Aberdeen and Stavanger. For much of the last ten years I...

‘THE MARK’ has arrived

The last book in the Jack Mawgan trilogy is now available in paperback format. It should be available in electronic format very soon and other sales outlets (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks etc.) in the coming weeks.

New novel just started

I have had plenty of time for writing of late so progress is being made on a number of fronts. Book 2 – ‘Render Unto Caesar’ is about to go live on the LULU website. Book 3 – ‘The Mark’ is going through an initial review then a...